Cover Art

Jackport Killer

I am available to take on commissions for digital paintings and graphic design for use in commercial print projects such as posters, book covers and illustrations, artwork for CD’s/DVD's and to use with digital downloads like audiobooks.

Whether it is a simple design, complicated painting, just lettering, or cover and interior illustrations, I have a wealth of creative talent at your disposal with a budget discussed on individual circumstances.

Close to the clouds
I have worked for independent authors like Kneel Downe, Ben Cooper, James Knight and  Neil Vogler and produced CD covers for the likes of Under a Banner and Gozer Goodspeed. I am also currently working on future releases that have to stay under wraps for the moment.

Each project is individually assessed and priced, depending on the amount of work involved and the complexity of the subject matter, with full agreement on price, deadline and deliverables being made in writing by email before the job starts.

As an example of what can be provided:-

Crash Bang Money
For a project involving the creation of a digital painting and graphic design (lettering etc) for an e-book and subsequent print book, following a written brief and/or reference photograph. The wording and any print template required is provided by the person requesting the commission.

The quoted price would include

Two or three concept sketches to consolidate the format of the final artwork

The final artwork itself with up to four revisions to “tweak” any minor issues.

Two or three options for the graphic design to decide on wording layout, colour and font

The final cover design in both high and low RGB resolution for digital use in the agreed size and file format as well as a high resolution CMYK optimised for printing in the agreed file format and using the provided template.

For further information on pricing and to obtain a copy of the detailed Terms & Conditions for commercial commissions, please Contact Me