Logos & Online Branding

They say a picture paints a thousand words, and a good logo has to say everything about your business that you would say to a prospective client.

But there are so many variables to take into account; the pictures and typefaces you use, the colours you choose, whether or not you include the company name, acronym and/or slogan as part of the logo, they all have a part to play in whether or not your logo works for your company and your clients.

An Omand Original logo clearly defines your company because we take the time to speak to you about what your company actually does, the image you want to portray and the clients you want to attract. Just as there's no point in being an also-ran by not standing out from the crowd, there's also no point in having a great looking, all singing, all dancing logo if it doesn't appeal to your demographic or get across what your business is about.

We can also take it a step further to look at your overall branding and how the colours and feel of your logo can be translated into and complemented by the rest of your customer interfaces, such as background and text style choices for your website or avatars and cover image specifically designed in the correct size and style for your social media accounts. Having a co-ordinated approach means that, having perfected the message your logo is sending out about your business, you are not then confusing matters by making the wrong visual choices in other areas. Remember, a clear message is always more memorable.


• Initial Consultation.

Two or three concept sketches to consolidate the design of the logo after discussion.
The final logo with full copyright and up to four revisions to “tweak” any minor issues.

Two or three options for the graphic design to decide on website header layout, colours, background wallpaper and font of website branding using a pre-designed logo. For social media, two or three different options for the avatar and cover photo layout and design.  Social media cover photos will also encompass slight layout changes to suit the different proportions required by different social media sites.

• The final files for logo and/or branding by email in a size, resolution, colour mode and format as agreed to suit both print and online versions.


Because each Omand Original logo will require a different approach, each job is priced individually but, as a ballpark figure, you can expect a logo designed and supplied for use in print and online format, for around £100.

Branding co-ordination (like suggestions for typeface, tagline, colours, overall feel) can also be done using your own current logo or an Omand Original one. Again, depending on what you want it will be individually priced although this would be discounted if taken in a package with an Omand Original Logo.

As with all our options these can be combined across the board to tailor a complete package to suit your needs. Please contact Omand Original for more information, full terms and conditions and to get a quote for your specific requirements.