A New Look for Omand Original

Welcome to the new look website for Omand Original. Here's why I did it...

Image Is Important.

And I believe IMAGES are important too, especially to independent creatives and small businesses. Especially in the digital age when people don't have time to stop and read every single thing on social media - instead they just scroll absently through post after post after post until something catches their eye to MAKE them stop and read. Nine times out of ten, that something is a picture.

You may have written a fantastic book, recorded an amazing album, made an epic film or have the best product or service in the world - if people don't know about it, or you, you're never going to get anywhere in trying to sell it. That's why cover art, posters and visual marketing is so important to driving sales. It's a sad fact of life but, if people don't stop, they won't shop.

But it's not just making people stop in their virtual tracks that's important - a picture can paint a thousand words as the saying goes. The images you choose to promote your business, your music, your writing, whatever, say an awful lot about "what's inside" without the need of any words. Images, shapes and colours will evoke memories, stir emotions and convey meanings to the person looking at them, even at a subconscious level. So it's very important to make sure what you say with a marketing image, whether it is a book cover, a film poster or a business logo, delivers the same message, the same EXPERIENCE that they will get from owning whatever it is you want to sell to them. Mixed messages make angry audiences.

Knowing what works and what doesn't with an audience only comes with experience and I feel I can now offer that, having been a career artist and designer for nine years and involved in business for many more years before that. But, as a painter, I can offer you something more than a stock photo or fancy font to make up your marketing magic. If you've seen my artwork before, either from my paintings, book and CD cover commissions or previous logo designs you will remember it. It really is ORIGINAL. It's different. It's eye catching. It's not chocolate-box twee or mainstream generic - it stands out for all the right reasons. And it will make your work stand out for all the right reasons too.

Image is important. So make it original. Omand Original.