Gallery Giveaway

Want to win FIFTEEN Omand Original Prints?...

I was clearing a path through the piles of stuff in the work room recently (never trust anyone who has a tidy workplace) and I came across a box of 15 prints that I had mounted into card ready for framing. I'd done them for an event a few years ago that I ended up not going to and they're just sitting here now so my DCMG partner Steve convinced me that I should give them away to you lovely people.

So now you have the chance to WIN ALL FIFTEEN PRINTS. They are different sizes but all standard sizes for photo frames - the largest are 10" x 8", there's some 9" x 7" and 8" x 6" and the smallest (the London one called City Rain) is 6" x 4". They all have the picture title and date written in pencil on the back and I'm not hand-making prints like these now so this really is a unique prize worth over £100 in total (probably more once I die, like all artists).

How do you win it?
I'll pin a post with the gallery picture above on it to the top of my Omand Original page and all you need to do is leave a comment on the post that says "Give Me The Omand Original Gallery."

ON TWITTER, simply tweet "Give Me The @OmandOriginal Gallery #OOGalleryGiveaway"

SMALL PRINT - The competition will close at 23:59 BST on 9th May 2017 and Steve will pick just ONE winner to get the whole lot. The winner will need to provide a postal address by PM or DM. There's only one prize and it can't be swapped for anything else.

Here's a closer look at all the individual pictures, click on them to see them bigger.


Auld Reekie


North Sea Oil



Western Isles


City Rain


Two Little Cats


Sand Dunes

Green Man

Salle de Bain

That's it. Good luck!