An Eclectic Mix

The last month has seen Omand Original production being as diverse as ever on the Commissions front, with everything from lighthouses to Dark Deliverance with an added sprinkling of Fairy Free sparkle...

The lighthouse was a personal commission given to me by a previous client, who wanted a painting of St Mary's lighthouse in Whitley Bay. She supplied a photo and asked for strong colours and gave me a frame-size to work to, then just let me get on with it, which is great because I love lighthouses! Because she knew my work already, she knew I would deliver a true "Omand Original" - something a bit different to the usual chocolate box twee that a straight copy of a photo might give.

I'm really happy with this. The black lines highlight the interesting shapes in the composition and the strong block colours give it a very 1930's travel poster feel. It's also one of just a few (so far) commission prints that I've supplied as an actual print rather than a file. I used the company The Print Space to get the print done professionally as it was quite big (33" x 14") and I would highly recommend them - the print and paper were both great quality and the turnaround time was fast and efficient. I will be using them again.

Remember I'm always interested in taking on personal commissions if there's something you want that's a little bit different.

From light to dark and Dark Deliverance. As you know I do a lot of work for indie authors and publishers and have been part of the team behind Kneel Downe's VirulentBlurb for several years now. With the success of the chapbooks (for which I did the covers) we wanted to turn some of the audio transcripts in The Copper Cascade back into their original format of audio and commissioned RJ Bayley to perform and produce the audio drama, Audio Cascades, which is due for release next week all being well. This gave me the chance to design the audio cover and to draw VirulentBlurb's subversive superheroes, including the wonderful Dark Deliverance, for the marketing campaign and, thanks to a suggestion by my business partner Steve, they've come out as very strong and memorable posters. If you are an indie author/musician/film-maker/whatever and want original cover art or promotional graphics, let's talk!

I promised you some fairy dust to finish off with, so here it is. I was approached over a year ago now by a friend who was looking at taking her cake making hobby to the next level, providing cakes and cookies that are suitable for people who have allergies and intolerances and tasting amazing for EVERYONE! It's such a great idea that it needed a logo and branding that would make it stand out from all the other "cakes by post" companies while still being relevant to the audience AND something that reflected her own quirky, bubbly and fun personality. Right up my street (and oooh cake!) Sixteen months and much behind the scenes work later you can see the results on her brand sparkly new website at that is now open for business, so GO BUY CAKES! And I very much agree with her that "It's PREEEETTTTTTYYYYY!"