New Art on RedBubble

There's a couple of new pieces of art available to buy from my RedBubble sales page...

I've added a couple of new paintings to my RedBubble portfolio over the past week. If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook you will have seen them already but I wanted to share them again with the sales links since they were very popular. (Thank you!)

What to Think.

This poster was created for an open competition. Sadly it didn't get through the first round but I still really like it as it sums up the modern problem of people being indoctrinated by the media, not questioning things that they read, even if they do get further than the sensationalist headlines, which, these days, is unlikely. Find it HERE.

Chrysanthemum Thrown.

This one came to me as a fully formed image in my head so I had to see if I could get it to work on paper... well, pixel. It was inspired by the recent heightening of military tensions as the North Koreans fired a ballistic missile over the islands of Japan, hence the play on words in the title too - the Chrysanthemum Throne is the name for the Japanese leadership. Find it HERE.

What's RedBubble?

So what can you find on RedBubble? If you want something to put on the wall there's prints of all sizes, framed and unframed, posters, photographs and even metal sheets. If you want something a bit smaller, there's greetings cards, postcards, notebooks and stickers - there's even art for your phone case or laptop. Something for the house instead? You can find everything from mugs to duvets, cushions covers to clocks. And if you want to wear my art on your sleeve (or anywhere else) there's a whole range of clothing.

Prices start at just £1.18 plus delivery for postcards (with great deals for multiple buys which don't all have to be the same picture!) so there's no excuse not to have some Omand Original art in your life.