Omand Original 2018 Calendar

The Omand Original 2018 Calendar is now available on RedBubble (with a note about UK postage costs)...
For those of you asking, as well as the Mannequin Calendar (available on Lulu with profits to charity) yes, there IS an Omand Original calendar for next year. I put it on RedBubble because all my other work is there and I am really happy with how it looks.

However, because the calendars are only printed in the US (other Redbubble products can be printed in the UK) the postage to the UK is significant (at £11 on top of the purchase price and 2-3 weeks delivery) so keep an eye open for one of the many RedBubble discount deals or order the calendar with other things to try and keep your own costs down. The calendar came out beautifully though and would make an excellent gift and, let's face it, £2 per picture, delivered, isn't that bad really.