New Art - Tree of Life

There's a new painting available on the RedBubble page...

I've been having a difficult time for a while now and my head has been out of the game, resulting in an inability to create anything that I was happy with. I don't know whether the creative block since the start of the year was a cause or just a symptom of other issues going on in the background but it certainly didn't help.

You see, I've been thinking a lot about my art business recently - what things were working (it turns out not much was), what things weren't and how (and really IF) I should progress with it all and I got very stuck in an endless loop of negativity. I wondered if it really was worth carrying on with the business since I wasn't enjoying where I was with it. I was second guessing my "audience" of followers on Twitter and Facebook, trying to make things that others like and that will sell, and was trying to compete in a design market that is over saturated with people who can do that kind of thing a lot better than me (in my view) - so it hasn't been working. I wasn't creating because it wasn't selling and it wasn't selling because I wasn't creating regularly so it wasn't good enough when I did - and round and round and round. It really got me down after a while.

So I'm (kind of) shutting up shop for a while. I need to get back into practice and I need to create for myself rather than anyone else so I'm not going to be taking on new commissions for a while unless it's for something really really special. What I will be doing though is trying to do more art! If I think it's good enough you'll see it on social media and, if you think it's good enough, it'll go on my RedBubble page.

Talking of which, the painting that came out of all of these weeks of angst and trying (and failing), the one that I think has now cracked the creative block is Tree of Life (above) and it's available on my RedBubble page at

It's time to open the cage door and branch out!