New Art - Tree-incarnation

Yes, that picture is of my brush cleaning pot from the days when I painted with acrylics...

However it also acted as inspiration today for a plethora of paintings. The only one I was intending to do was the pink cherry blossom one, I'm sure if you look hard enough at the brush cleaning pot, you will see the tree trunks and foliage/flowers that I saw.

But then the painting kind of developed arms and legs. Cherry blossom is so redolent of spring and yet here we are in summer, so leafy trees had to happen. And what about the glorious oranges of autumn and the bare branches of winter?

This then got taken a step further. As you do. It was looking at the tree through the seasons that did it. I got the idea of it being almost a rebirth (which is where the title Tree-incarnation comes from) and the new life every year for the tree after a dormant winter so I wanted to depict that somehow. Cue a foray onto and breaking out my video software to create a looping experiment in sounds and pictures to follow the life of the tree itself. There's a heartbeat that underpins the whole thing, with birdsong in spring, children playing in summer and raking leaves in autumn. Then, a death and a reincarnation for the Tree-incarnation. I could only get it to loop a couple of times on Facebook though and you can hear the join, but still. (Do feel free to go like my Facebook page if you haven't already btw)

I'll add the individual paintings (and maybe a "set of four" picture) to my Redbubble page at some point, never fear but do shout if you want something in the meantime.