In a bid to do more art this year, I'm hitting the Take a Chance button on London's National Gallery website to get some art inspiration...

What’s the original painting called, who is the artist and when was it painted?

Saint Catherine of Alexandria by Antonio de Solario painted in 1514 as one shutter of a triptych altarpiece commissioned by the English merchant, Paul Withypool.

What does it look like?

What did I use as inspiration?

I really liked the strong shapes, the black background and the negative space between the palm frond and the face. This, along with the classical subject matter, all lent itself well to a far more abstract interpretation of the counterpoint between the extremes of good and evil/heaven and hell that exists on Earth at the moment.

Note: Because of the Creative Commons licensing restrictions, I am not allowed to sell these "Inspired by" works on RedBubble, so please don't ask.